About Us

“Celebrate with Afters” is the product of joy and happiness. A joy experienced since childhood by the simple act of relishing the gastronomic delights rustled up by our grandmothers. This is pure joy built on their recipes, blessings and sweet memories. The memories of the sublime tastes, smell and the sight still have the power to arouse in us emotions ranging from the ecstatic to the divine. “Celebrate with Afters” is an amalgamation of tradition and modernity.

Our venture is the result of our belief in spreading joy and happiness – in the most Indian of ways – that is, by eating and sharing “Meetha”. We recognise that our patrons want to relish homemade desserts, which revives their quotient of sweet gastronomic joys, at the click of a button or by placing a phone call. So we invite you to experience the sweetness of your childhood once again. 

Celebrate with Afters – Mithaas Ka Pyaara Sa Ehsaas